Attempted twice by The Crew (2014, Allan Malinsky and Dach Zafoe -- 2015, Craig Gordon, Dylan Kuefler, Dach Zafoe) the Golden mile is an idea blantantly stolen from the film 'At World's End.'

The challenge: drink 12 pints at 12 different bars. Thus far, this is deemed impossible despite the fact that nearly every member of The Crew can drink 12-200 000 drinks in one night.

-Attempt 1 ended at pint 10 when AM and DZ started at the far side of Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, ending on a slightly closer end of Whyte Avenue, Edmonton. Poured the 10th pint at The Empress, an objectively shitty hipster bar, when both pints were abandoned. Official reason for failure: "Too much."

-Attempt 2 ended at pint ??? when the attending posse sort of straight up forgot what the mission was and ended up dancing with vampires, pulling down basketball hoops, and attempting to beat the arcade cabinet of street fighter II at several pretty OK downtown bars. Official reason for failure: "The golden what? OH SHI--"

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